• Registered beds

    9 055 across all southern African facilities
    (2017: 8 983 beds)

  • Permanent and temporary employees

    15 841 across southern Africa
    (2017: 15 560 employees)

  • Special care units

    21 in southern Africa
    (2017: 20)
    (rehabilitation, mental health, specialised maternity)

  • Healthcare facilities

    66 in southern Africa
    (2017: 65 facilities)

  • Specialists and healthcare professionals

    2 985 in our network in southern Africa
    (2017: 2 934 specialists)

  • Renal stations

    318 at Life Renal Dialysis in southern Africa (2017: 303 stations)


  • Registered beds

    624 in Poland (2017: 624)

  • Number of locations served by Alliance Medical

    220 (2017: 215)

  • Permanent and temporary employees

    4 941 across Europe and the United Kingdom (2017: 5 000)


We define a matter as material if it has or could have a direct or indirect impact on our ability to create or preserve value for the Group and our stakeholders. Life Healthcare considers the following matters as material in the short, medium and long-term and strives to report only on those matters material to value creation in this report.

Responding strategically


The transition from a South African focused acute care group to a market-leading, international, diversified healthcare provider:

  • Increase the share of revenue from international businesses and the share of revenue from non-acute businesses


The Group’s delivery model to target a more diversified offering increasing revenue from non-acute lines of business:

  • Target of between 40% and 50% of revenue from non-acute businesses
  • Scale up the Group’s complementary service offering, including increasing our geographic presence in acute rehabilitation, mental health, renal dialysis, oncology and diagnostics
  • Expand our services offering by investigating allied opportunities within the healthcare arena


Concentrate on increasing the performance and health of the Group with the aim of Life Healthcare being the preferred hospital group in terms of efficiency and quality healthcare services:

  • Address key enablers including quality standards, nursing efficiency, enabling technology and doctor engagement
  • Build capabilities across operational, executive and international teams